College Counselling Application Procedure

Update your profile here: http://ealp.co.ke/index.php/more/community  before starting the application process.Your user name is your firstname.lastname as listed in the Bank’s system (e.g. if Angela Ndila Mumbua is the name, the username is: Angela.Mumbua. The default password is “123pass” For security reasons you are advised to change your password as soon as you log in.  You are also required to update your personal email address--do not put in your Equity email.

Below are the instructions for the college counseling application.

1) Visit http://portal.ealp.co.ke/  preferably using Mozilla Firefox browser.

2) Log in to your account. Your username and password are the same as above.

3) After logging in, go to the “Applications” tab at the top of the page and from the drop down menu select “Access Code Request”. Fill out the form and our IT admin will send you a code via email to enable you access the college counseling application.

4) Once you receive your Access Code (this should take 48 hours or less), log back into the portal, go to the “Applications” tab, and select “College Counselling Application” from the drop down menu.

Take time to think about the application before submitting. Feel free to ask for peer review from friends and family. Note that all information you provide on the application will be confirmed by a mentor who will visit your school later in the year. Any falsified information will lead to immediate dismissal from the program.

Kindly note that it is NOT mandatory to apply abroad. In any case your success is not dependent on it. The local universities in Kenya for which all of you are qualified also offer quality education.  However should you choose to apply for college counselling, we expect hard work and one hundred percent commitment to the process. We also expect that you will be willing to pay approximately Kshs. 15,000 to cover the cost of your SAT exams. Note that this money will NOT BE PAID to EALP but is the actual cost to register for the exams administered by the College Board. Otherwise, the college counselling program is offered by Equity Group Foundation FREE of charge.

You have until 11:59pm on Thursday, 1st May to submit your application.

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    Great work by the team i wish all who are applying success.
  • Osman Adan hussein
    You are doing great job......THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • Benson Motanya Mokogi
    I personally am extremely grateful for the work you guys are doing towards supporting us to achieve our dreams f going to study abroad. Thank you so much and may The Almighty God who gives us strength bless each and everyone of you most abundantly. Once again thank you and may you continue with that same spirit. We are hoping to join you guys soon and we shall go very far as one huge future focused family.
  • ramos phidel menya
    Its painful to bid Isaac bye,but there is time for everything....so just want to wish him all the best in his new field of work.we gonna miss you big big brother...
  • Peter Otieno Obila
    Thanks to Angie , Eric ,Michael and Isaac you guys have created an opportunity in our lives .
    Would you please extend the deadline for college counselling application .Some of us have been unable to meet it . Thanks
  • Lucy Chepkemoi Ruto
    I am so grateful to the entire team for their tireless efforts to see us prosper in our lives including appliying for college abroad.Thank you Michael,Angie,Erick and Isaac.
  • Eric Godfrey Muendo
    how do we do this again//
  • Selina Alulu Lianda
    Goodwork you are doing angie ,michael and everyone else,i admire your commitment
  • Lawrence Sylvester Nyerere
    kudos to the whole team
  • michael masinde wambile
    thanks to all
  • Renoh Achieng' Omoro
    Angie....Michael....Eric...and the whole team....thanks!!!!!!!
  • Brian Onchere Osoro
    This is good,highly appreciate but I can no longer see the applications tab
  • Tom Wanderi King'ori
    thanks for your help I really appreciate the work you guys are doing for us
    am really grateful
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